Dienstag, 18. November 2014

//++\\ Jumpstyle Lesson for my students //++\\

When creating new lessons for my students I try to include various electronic music styles. Creating my own loops or little songs while illustrating them step by step on the active board is a essential part of guiding them into the process of creating their own musical expression.

Sometimes one or another loop turns into a song. Right now out a of a triplet-drumbeat which I created for a jumpstyle lesson is about to turn into a complete song. Well it kind of moves away from the pure jumpstyle or hardstyle line into something probably more experimental, but I can't let go of it.

So I publish every step of the work for my students with some rudimentary change log.

I would love to read that from some real artists out there. I would be intriguing to follow the creation of a song step by step; we could learn so much...

This is the track I'm working on:
Newest version:

Version before:

This is the Group where my students post their stuff. Please be kind, they're noobs to ableton live, but still do some respectable work :)

If you're interested, here's the evernote place where I publish my lessons for my students:
Evernote Ableton Lessons