Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

//°°\\ A Brand New Simple Creative Network For Producers Of Electronic Music //°°\\

My friend Chris Richardet an me are on a new project which might be of interest, if you too are a producer of electronic music.

No matter if your a newbie or a professional. It's all about creativity!

Here's our message to you:

Welcome to the 20 min social network: Produce tracks within 20 minutes and share in our brand new community!

Chris says: Sometimes you just need rules and restrictions to be creative and this is the main idea of our new project “20min audio”. We wanted to keep everything as simple as possible. Sharing your work should be done by only pasting a link – and our rules should be easy to follow.

Of course you can further explore this site as it contains many additional features like searching for member, make new friendships and do conversations with other members.

The site and system is up and running now but we are sure, there will be many changes once users actively take part in the project. If you have any feedback for us, just drop us a line – either with the messaging tool or by leaving a comment in the site wide activity.

And now: have fun and share the dogma here...

The 20minaudio Network!


So please join us, share your work, get inspiration!

roy mantel

Montag, 11. November 2013

//°°\\ Kill The DJ and Into DJ Hell //°°\\

Kill The DJ (including "Into DJ Hell") is a narrative song, an utopia, where a global digital conscience (the Global-Art-Intelligence-Server) tries to save the human arts. DJs* are enemies of art, due to their lack of knowledge of the ideals and the ethics of arts, due to their decadence, narcisism and arrogance.
So eventually the GLAIS decides to destroy the DJing in order to save the humanistic perception of art. The GLAIS thinks, culture has to win over stupidity.

So them DJs have to rest in digital hell, deprived of beat and glamour..

Kill The DJ 0:00 - 5:22
Into DJ Hell 5:23 - 9:49

*The GLAIS is not talking about "real" DJs, modest persons with a fantastic knowledge of music and a passion for the good beat! The GLAIS-measurement is about the luxury car driving self declared bling-bling-gods of studpitiy. The real DJs choice of music is a form of art based on knowledge, experience, personality and intuition.