Dienstag, 24. September 2013

//°°\\ Not Art, No Artist, Just Output From The Outputist //°°\\

Zenmetalshirt no longer meets the music. Zen is an ancient meditation ritual. My occupation with meditation is independent of any given rituals. Metalshirts I do not longer wear.

Learning new things is an integral part of my life. Every time I start a new song is a start from scratch, is a lesson of the unprepared.
I cannot bind the creation to any defined style or concept or predefinitions. It is not about avoiding concepts and I'm aware this is not the most promising way to success. But who cares about success. Do I? I don't, at least not about success in the general sense. My success is fulfilled when anyone out there is touched by a song I created or when an artist wants me to collaborate on a project. I can't imagine a higher reward. The airplay on SomaFM is a wonderful gift of aknowledgement by professional measurement.

I don't like the idea of imposing a so called "artists name" on what I create, because what I do is not an artists work, it's just what is being generated by my preoccupation with the creation of music on my technical devices. The output of my activity. So I'm more an outputist than an artist.
To make it the easiest possible, zenmetalshirt becomes mantel.

Samstag, 7. September 2013

Dienstag, 3. September 2013

//^^\\ wonderful art formed by the wind //^^\\

untitled by kingcoat
untitled, a photo by kingcoat on Flickr.

No matter what's below.
We should stand still and watch the clouds more often.
The most astonishing kind of art is free and sometimes only lasts for seconds.